Beyond Samsara 2015

Wednesday Dec 31st, 2014 9:00pm - 5:00am

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We never notice the biggest steps in our lives until we have taken them. Renewal and personal transformation can happen to any of us any day, and often take us by surprise. Or we can choose it. As a community, we can set our intentions and gather to celebrate a sense of renewal and revival, knowing that when we are together we are all a little better off.

Indeed, inspiration can strike any day, but the very last day of our year is a special one. It's a day for grand community celebrations, where we unite and share our optimism for the year to come. In the final hours of this year, and in the nascent hours of the new one, we release our burdens and explode in festive revelry. In this special moment, we escape the minutia of life and go...Beyond Samsara.

Beyond Samsara's new year's eve party is our tribe's town hall, temple and tavern. For the third edition, we set our sights high, and set the stage for our people to set themselves free.

With the most refined banging beats and artfully crafted decor and light, The Cruz Coalition and Project Alma come together once again to bring you an unforgettable night. With three rooms of music and a huge patio, there is a place to fit anyone's fancy.

Musical Guests:
Ruff Hauser
Tek Freaks
Lou E. Bagels
Mia Dangerfield

Decor by:
Debi Cable
Outdoor patio by Tonya King
Project Alma

Visuals by:
Disco Stu
8 Ft. Bass Monster with the power of light

ChinoSound bringing the Boom in three rooms
Expansive outdoor area
Easy Parking

Tickets go on sale November 20th at Eventbrite!
Tier One: $30
Tier Two: $40
Door: $50
21+ only please

The venue is a creative arts space in West Los Angeles. Details available before the event.